Cal Poly Quality of Life Plus Student Association

Cal Poly Quality of Life Plus Student Association

CP Golf Club for Jake


Harry Koos, President

Craig Icban, Senior Vice President

Jessica Chow, Vice President of Operations

Noah Thompson, Treasurer

Michael Gallagher, Cybathlon Executive

Shannon Hoye, Corporate Ambassador

Gage Vogtlin, Quartermaster

Allison Rabin, Community Outreach

Bradley Kwan, Technical Director

Janis Iourovitski, Cybathlon Operations

Evan Yap, Webmaster

Mission Statement:

The Cal Poly QL+ SA is dedicated to engineering a better quality of life for those in need.


Arm for Tim: Engineer a prosthetic arm for a student going into nursing school

Motorized Wagon for Mikaela: Modify a wagon for a girl with special needs

Standing Assistance for Mr. Granados: Create a device that helps Mr. Granados get in and out of his car

App for DRC: Develop an app that optimizes the Disability Resource Center's tram service

Wheelchair for Chase and Carson: Build a personalized wheelchair for two brothers with cerebral palsy

Hands for Julian: Create prosthetic hands for a young boy injured in a car accident

Cybathlon: Create a power-assisted prosthetic arm for an international competition

Fall 2018 Quarterly Design Project: Design devices that will allow wounded veterans to play paintball in wheelchairs

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