Quality of Life Plus Student Chapter at Cal Poly

QL+ Student Chapter at Cal Poly

CP Golf Club for Jake

Executive Board:

President: Harry Koos

Senior Vice President: Craig Icban

Vice President of Operations: Jessica Chow

Treasurer: Noah Thompson

Corporate Ambassador: Max Krueger

Quartermaster: Gage Vogtlin

Community Outreach: Mia Pinedo

Technical Director: Bradley Kwan

Cybathlon Executive Officer: Michael Gallagher

Cybathlon Operations Officer: Janis Iourovitski

Webmaster: Evan Yap

Mission Statement:

We are a multidisciplinary club engineering solution to physical challenges people face in order to improve the quality of their lives.  


Arm for Andrea: Andrea is a San Luis Obispo local who has dedicated her career to helping mothers with their newborns. She lost her right forearm nine years ago and has since found her prosthetic arms to be too heavy and unhelpful. This project aims to create a prosthetic arm that will help Andrea with some basic tasks, such as cooking and feeding her parrot.

Leg for Karen: Karen is a world-class athlete with a transtibial amputation. She regularly competes in a variety of races including Ironman triathlons. In the past, QL+ has designed a training fin prosthesis for Karen. Now, she is looking for a prosthetic leg that will allow her to get back into hiking. The challenge will require the team to engineer a comfortable prosthesis that can traverse rougher terrains.

Portable Lift for Alex: Alex is a new student at Cal Poly and he is paralyzed from the shoulders down by a spinal cord injury. Alex used to enjoy traveling overseas, but now he can't because he requires equipment to transfer from his wheelchair to a bed, and the existing patient lifts are too large to travel with. This project aims to create a travel-sized patient lift that can be used for a standard hotel bed.

Brace for Bill: Bill is a professor of Health Sciences at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. In 2014, Bill severely injured his leg during a 100-mile bike ride and was later given an ExoSym brace from the Hanger Clinic to help him remain active. While this device has helped, he is still not able to use it to traverse uneven terrains. The goal of this project is to modify or reconstruct the ExoSym brace to allow Bill to walk comfortably across all terrains.

Bike Seat for Ali: Ali is a fourth-year Aerospace Engineering student at Cal Poly. She enjoys hobbies such as surfing but is slightly hindered due to a hip fracture from a car accident. This causes persistent discomfort in daily activities, especially when she bikes to and from school. Ali is seeking an adaptive bike seat that will help re-distribute loads away from painful areas.

Mental Health App for Cal Poly: Like many universities across the nation, Cal Poly is looking for more effective ways to support the mental health of its students. One challenge is making their resources easily accessible to students. The goal of this project is to develop a website that connects students with local and regional mental health resources and provides other features to support students.

Cybathlon: Cybathlon is an international biotechnology competition for individuals who use power-assisted prosthetic and assistive devices. One of the events at the Cybathlon is the Powered Exoskeleton Race for individuals with spinal cord injuries who use exoskeleton suits to walk and navigate obstacles. The goal of the club is to work towards developing an exoskeleton for Challenger, Tamar De Leon, that he can use to compete in this competition. Tamar is a student at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo studying business. He was born with quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Despite his challenges, Tamar is very motivated to succeed in life and has become a key part of the team developing this device.

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