San Diego State University

QL+ Student Chapter at SDSU

Quality of Life Plus Student Chapter at SDSU

Executive Board:

President: Sonia Goetschius

Vice President: Sean Ortiz

Treasurer: Maria Morgan

Secretary: Lindsey Twomey

Project Lead: JC Madrid

Outreach: Diego Ramirez

Media Relations: Alex Smith

Mission Statement:

To foster and generate innovations and adaptive equipment through hands-on learning, to aid and improve the quality of life of those who are injured and who are still serving or have served in our United States military forces, or others within the local community.

The QL+ Student Chapter at SDSU will provide local community members with assistive and adaptive equipment and other innovative devices tailored to an individual’s needs. Members will get hands-on project experience in the following areas, including but not limited to prostheses, assistive technology, and medical devices. Members will have the opportunity to work together to engineer solutions to address issues affecting community members. The Student Chapter will foster innovation and continue the philanthropic mission of the national QL+ Program.

Contact Us:

President, Sonia Goetschius,

Vice President, Sean Ortiz,

Treasurer, Maria Morgan,

Secretary, Lindsey Twomey,

Project Lead, JC Madrid,

Outreach, Diego Ramirez,

Media Relations, Alex Smith,

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