Quality of Life Plus Student Chapter at UCSD

Quality of Life Plus Club at UCSD


Allison Furmidge, President

Allyn Eaker, VP External

Saumya Bhatia, VP of Operations/Engineering

Tori Lazerson, VP Internal

Ryan Wong, Treasurer

Mission Statement:

Quality of Life Plus Club at UCSD is a project-based service student organization at UCSD and a chapter of a national organization whose mission is to foster and generate innovations and adaptive equipment through hands-on learning, to aid and improve the quality of life of those who are injured and who are still serving or have served in our United States military forces, or others within the local community. The mission of Quality of Life Plus at UCSD is to create individualized solutions for people in the community that face a specific problem with an injury or disability, as well as give students hands-on projects that will improve their technical skills to help those in need.


Adaptive Double Stroller: This project will be designed for two young boys with cerebral palsy living in the Northern California area. These boys have limited mobility in their arms and legs and need assistance walking around and sitting down. Due to their mobility and height, there are no double strollers on the market that will be able to carry them. This project team will be designing an outdoor double stroller that fits the requirements set out by the parents and the QL+ officers.

Stabilizing Kayak: This project will be designed for a 9-year old boy with cerebral palsy. He can ambulate with assistance, but cannot sit without aid, cannot use his arms/fingers well and is non-verbal. This project would create a kayak that could allow him, and other CP kids to enjoy kayaking with safety and balance as the key factors.

EACE Project: This project will team up with the C5 Gait Lab EACE, or Extremity Trauma Amputation Center of Excellence, at the Naval Medical Center in Balboa Park. As a gait cycle lab that assists Navy personnel and veterans, EACE will work with this project team on a time-sensitive project that will provide a new method of sensor and signal processing for gait cycles and other measurements.

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