QL+ Student Chapter at University of Texas San Antonio

QL+ Student Chapter at University of Texas San Antonio

Student Chapter Officers:

Technical Director: Cynthia Perez

Project Director: Chase Christenson

Implementation Director: Gabby Gonzaless

Innovation Director: Zachary Ulloa

Design Director: Samantha Mann

UTSA Mission Statement:

The QL+ Program at UTSA is a multidisciplinary student program, dedicated to improving quality of life of community members and those who have served. Our mission is to create and innovate assistive medical devices for veterans and community members with disabilities.

QL+ provides experience, expertise, leadership, networking, and facilities for creation of assistive medical design projects. In order to maintain organization, the program leadership and participants are subjected to meetings to enhance the community of the diverse membership base. Seminars will be held under QL+ to advance the bases general knowledge with professionals in the industry that provide useful information about the state of the innovation and potential applications for future projects. Workshops will be created at the consensus of the Directors on a need or suggested bases. UTSA students under QL+ will work together to design products with positive outcomes for the community, the industry, and current/former service members who provide a request for assistance within our capabilities. QL+ members are committed to acquiring the knowledge needed for their project completion through research, practice, and general guidance from superiors.

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