Challenge:  Backpacking Prosthesis
Challenger:  Cassie Perando, Navy Veteran
University Partner:  California Polytechnic State University, SLO
Student Team: Jordan Ambrose, Amanda Lingle, Marco Lopez, and Conner Magnuson
Faculty Advisor:  Karla Carichner
QL+ Program Manager:  Vanessa Salas
Cassie Fitting Prosthetic.jpg 1.65 MB
Project Summary:

A Navy Veteran sustained a traumatic amputation to her left arm above the elbow in a vehicle rollover. She owns and works on a farm, and she also likes to backpack. She currently has a body-powered prosthesis with a figure 8 harness. Wearing a backpack with weight decreases the function of the prosthetic device harness and is uncomfortable. She would like a terminal device on the prosthesis to use with a variety of backpacking tasks. She is requesting a lightweight functional prosthetic device to use with backpacking.