Challenge:  Farming Prosthesis
Challenger:  Cassie Perando, Navy Veteran (Retired)
University Partner:  California Polytechnic State University, SLO
Student Team:  Amanda Almada, Jae DeLeon, Clare Lupo, and Curtis Miles
Faculty Advisor: Lily Laiho
QL+ Program Manager: Vanessa Salas

Project Summary:

Cassie Perando is a Navy Veteran who sustained a traumatic amputation to her left arm above the elbow in a vehicle rollover. She owns and works on a farm. She currently has a body-powered prosthesis with a figure of 8 harness and a split hook terminal device. It does not have the grip strength/force required for farming tasks. Also, she is unable to use the terminal device to hold small items and grasp various tools. She is requesting a multipurpose prosthetic terminal device for use in activities such as farming, building/construction, and tool use.
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The purpose of this project is to create two, terminal devices for Cassie Perando, a challenger through the Quality of Life Plus Student Association (QL+). Both devices will be compatible with Cassie’s current prosthetic arm via a universal adaptor and will attach to the existing cable system. The first terminal device, the “Clamping Device”, will allow Cassie to grasp and clamp down on objects such as wood boards while she performs construction work on her farm.
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The second device, the “Bracing and Screw-Holder Device”, will allow Cassie to brace objects or boards for application of power tools and assist her in stabilizing and driving screws. Prior to the COVID-19 related campus shutdowns, both devices were intended to be manufactured on campus at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, and thoroughly tested for safety, comfort, and efficacy.

As a result of the pandemic, detailed plans will be passed off to a future QL+ team to complete manufacturing, perform testing, and present Cassie with the two, terminal devices.
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