Challenge:  Mug for Tremors
Challenger:  Melissa Oliver, Occupational Therapist
McGuire Veterans Affairs Medical Center
University Partner:  California Polytechnic State University, SLO
Student Team:  Logan Smith, Allen Tecson, Jaret Wedow, and Kai Workman
Faculty Advisor:  Sarah Harding
QL+ Program Manager: Vanessa Salas
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Project Summary:

Some Veterans suffer from hand tremors that can impact activities. One or both hands can shake when engaging in activities, either occasionally or all the time. Some have difficulty managing a cup when trying to drink both hot and cold liquids. The tremors may cause the individual to spill the liquid and/or drop the cup. Using two hands or lids on cups is not always ideal. There are some products that assist with tremors for eating, dressing but it is difficult to find products that address the cup. There are some mugs on the market, a weighted mug, and a tremor mug but they are not very effective for this population. The weighted mug is shallow, ugly, and heavy and sometimes weight can actually make tremors worse, or spill when engaging with the cup. The challenge is to create a mug or cup that the individual can grab and manage as they change planes, that adjusts to the various tremors, and that is not too heavy or ugly.

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