Challenge:  Sand Foot
Challenger:  Craig Brady
University Partner:  California Polytechnic State University, SLO
Student Team:  Jerin Brust, Jacqueline Chuang, Parker Duncan, and
Garrett Herbst
Faculty Advisor: Karla Carichner
QL+ Program Manager: Vanessa Salas
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Project Summary:

Sgt. Brady has a trans-tibial amputation and is very active in his community. He would like us to manufacture a lower leg prosthesis that will allow him to walk more comfortably on sand.  Sgt. Brady finds himself walking on the beach frequently, as he works for the New Hampshire Parks Department. The current prosthesis he uses causes him back pain after extended use due to its lack of comfortability on uneven ground. The prosthesis must be lightweight, waterproof, sand-proof, comfortable (less displacement), non-Corrosive, durable, and easy to maintain.   
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The goal of this project was to provide Sgt. Craig Brady with a transtibial prosthetic that functions at the beach. Currently, there are few prosthetic devices and that are designed for the aggressive marine environment. Of the devices that he uses, the one recommended by his prosthetist is far from satisfactory for a myriad of reasons. A previous attempt at making such a device was largely unsuccessful. Sgt. Brady specified several issues with this device that were addressed in this design.

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The chosen design specifications were derived from analysis of the gait cycle, the needs of Sgt. Brady, and the primary environment in which the prosthesis would be used.