Challenge:  Surfboard Sled
Challenger:  Dana Cummings and AmpSurf
University Partner:  California Polytechnic State University, SLO
Student Team:  Arthur Zaayer, Griffin O’Malley, Jose Covarrubias, and Marius Jatulis
Faculty Advisor: Lily Laiho
QL+ Program Manager: Vanessa Salas

Project Summary:

We are a team of four mechanical engineering students at California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo who are taking on this project as part of our senior capstone course. Our primary sponsor is Vanessa Salas, the project manager of the Quality of Life Plus organization on our campus. We will create a product for Dana Cummings and his organization, AmpSurf. He has challenged us to create a vehicle that will help the volunteers of AmpSurf transport persons with disabilities to the ocean. This mainly includes amputee veterans. We are in charge of designing, building, and testing our product before giving it to the AmpSurf organization at the end of the year-long course.
Arthur_Zaayer_Surfboard Sled2.png 4.21 MB

During the initial stages, we collected as much information as possible about what our customers wanted, similar products currently on the market, and any other relevant technology that could be repurposed and implemented into our project. Creating this device will help amputated and disabled veterans acquire the ability to participate in physical activity as they surf. Adaptive sports help improve the quality of life of amputee Veterans by helping them feel accepted in the community and feel a sense of purpose in society through education (Seay). Exercise can also help lower an amputee's depression and anxiety (Stathopoulou). Our team has the drive to make sure we can create the best device possible that will help Ampsurf provide amputee veterans with the service they need to live their best life. This section was expanded to add research about working with people with disabilities, the most important things to consider when designing prosthetics, and relevant ADA regulation considerations.

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Our final design includes three curved square support arms, the main center beam, support sling, and two sets of wheels. The rear wheels are WheelEEZ® inflated balloon beach wheels and the front wheels are Malone hard rubber compound wheels.