Challenge:  Wheelchair Stowaway
Challenger:  Peter Way, Army Veteran
University Partner:  California Polytechnic State University, SLO
Student Team:  Alexander Cherry, Mikio Habu, Alex Morcate,
and Chloe Ng.
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brian P. Self
QL+ Program Manager: Vanessa Salas

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Project Summary:

Our QL+ challenger, Peter Way is a retired army veteran whose right leg was amputated above the knee. He used to use a wheelchair crane lift on his 2019 Toyota Tacoma for transport. Because that method is too slow
for his active lifestyle, he has resorted to throwing the chair into the bed of his truck which has
slowly been damaging his wheelchair. He is looking for a better solution that makes it easier on
himself and protects his wheelchair from the environment.

Before leaving school due to COVID-19, the team was able to complete our first prototype and had it shipped out to Peter so he could put it to use. With the feedback he provided to us, we implemented some new design changes to our storage system. Due to the COVID-19 situation, we were not able to build a new
rendition of our storage system with the changes. However, we have provided detailed
instructions so that these changes can be implemented in the future or by another party.

1to1 Model of Cabin to test project_2.jpeg 2.24 MB

Based on the team’s discussion and the comparison matrixes it was determined that a strap
wrapped around the headrest would be the best short-term solution. Augmenting the wheel rack
with an L bracket would be the best long-term solution. Both solutions have since been modeled.
That said, the team cannot confirm whether the solutions will be effective without the ability to
test. If there is ever implementation of these solutions in the future, manufacturing, and testing would have to take place then.