Name:  Rob Jones

Branch of service:  Marine Corps

Years served:  2006-2011

What was your job in the military?  Combat engineer. Explosive breaching and IED detection. 

What made you decide to join the United States Armed Forces?  I was seeking a purpose that was greater than myself, and brotherhood and ways to become courageous and selfless.

How were you injured?
 IED blast on July 22, 2010, in Sangin, Afghanistan resulting in double above-knee amputations.

After your injury, what was the most significant hurdle you overcame?  The process of relearning how to walk.

What do you do for fun?  Read, run, lift weights, spend time with wife. 

What motivates you?  I am motivated by service to others.

QL+ Challenge:  QL+ engineering students from Virginia Tech, in collaboration with SUSOIX, are designing and building an adaptive Spike Board that will allow him to Stand Up Spike (SUS).  Click to learn more about SpikeBoarding

How will the device the students are creating, improve your quality of life?  This project will allow me another means of physical training, and will expand my self confidence.

What has it been like so far, working with QL+ students and participating in the program?  So far it has been great.  The students are earnest and eager to help.  They are creative and intuitive.

Words of Wisdom to our QL+ Students:  Please see "I Can't" and "Use the Weight"

If you were writing a book about yourself, what would be the title?  Survive. Recover. Live.


The goal of our Challenger Salute is to honor the service and sacrifice our veterans and first responders have made for our country.  We are very grateful that our Challengers have agreed to participate in our program.  Their participation is helping us “build” better students.  They are providing our students with real-world experience and arming them with the tools they need to succeed once they graduate.