The members of VFW Post 10380, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, live their Mission:  to serve veterans, the military, and our communities.  They hold meetings every third Thursday of the month on the lower level of the Nathanael Greene Lodge.  Post Commander Mike Donnelly runs a tight ship.  The meetings start promptly at 7:30 PM and end at 8:30 PM.  In that hour, Post business is conducted and plans are made.  Lots of plans.
VFW Post 10380 is a Challenger this year.  Students at Xavier University are working with the VFW to help them recruit younger, more diverse veterans.  The students are conducting market research, refreshing the VFW website, assisting the VFW with their social media platforms, planning and creating events, and designing marketing material.  The students are hoping to promote the image of what Post 10380 is all about: fostering camaraderie among veterans of overseas conflicts; serving veterans, the military, and our communities; and advocating on behalf of all veterans.

The majority of the members of this Post are Vietnam veterans.  They want to recruit younger veterans to carry on the mission and also to help them navigate the VA system. The Post has a dedicated Veteran Service Officer tasked with processing veteran's benefits claims to help not only current Post members but any veteran who needs their help. 
They also conduct VFW ceremonies at funeral services.  In 2018, the Dress Blue Detail served at 84 funerals.  The Detail also served at 45 community events.  They recognize exceptional teachers for their outstanding commitment to teaching our country's history, traditions, civic responsibility, and patriotism.  In addition, they recognize the exemplary service of local police officers.  They host several events per year.  Seemingly, every other week (sometimes, multiple times a week), you can find members of this Post out in the community doing something!
This Post also helps student veterans.  They've donated funds to local universities to help student veterans who may fall on hard times and are unable to pay their bills.  They also help nonprofits.  Post 10380 has donated funds to QL+ to help us pay for materials for projects at Cincinnati-area universities.  This is yet another example of the Post directly helping veterans.
The members of VFW Post 10380 continue to serve their country.  The QL+ students at Xavier University are confident that their efforts to promote the VFW mission and message will entice a younger generation of veterans to join their Post.
To learn more about the Post (and to keep track of the changes the QL+ students are making on their website and social media) follow them on Facebook and Instagram and check out their site.