Keep Moving Forward.

QL+ Teams have been working hard all school year and then COVID-19 changed everything. The universities and labs closed, and many of the students went back to their respective homes.  This new normal has not stopped our teams from their work. They are adapting and doing what they can to complete their project.

QL+ challenged a team of student engineers at  Cal Poly to design and build a Surfboard Sled.  QL+ is sponsoring this project for AmpSurf, a non-profit organization established to promote, inspire, educate, and rehabilitate all people with disabilities and their families through Adaptive Surf Therapy and other outdoor activities. 

The founder of AmpSurf, Dana Cummings, is a Marine veteran.  He needs a sled that will allow him to transport veterans that suffer from partial paralysis directly to the water while they are laying on top of the board. (instead of rolling them down in a wheelchair and then transferring them to a board).
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The QL+ team of student engineers adapted to the current situation and continued working on this project.  They are working from home and being mindful of social distancing for their own health and safety and that of others.  They still have to cut the U shape bars, attach the handles and the sling, but the frame is mostly done.
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Americans are experiencing extremely uncertain and difficult times. During this period, the Quality of Life Plus (QL+) board and staff want to share with you the steps we are taking to meet our responsibilities to our donors and our Challengers -- the wounded and disabled veterans and first responders with whom we are working at our partner universities around the nation.

It is important that QL+ continues and, wherever possible, completes its work.
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