Marc Wautelet is in his last semester at the University of Dayton, pursuing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, with a biomechanical minor. Marc chose mechanical engineering because he's always enjoyed the process of transforming his ideas into real-world applications.

Marc hails from the Motor City. He states, "I realized that there is more to the world of engineering than just cars and manufacturing. I decided I wanted to combine engineering skills with the medical industry in hopes that my work would have a direct effect on someone's quality of care." Once Marc learned about QL+ and the Challenge it posed to engineering students in his senior design class, he immediately pursued the project. 

Marc is a member of the University of Dayton QL+ Team challenged with creating and building a device to help QL+ Challenger and Air Force Veteran, Larry Gunter stay centered on a treadmill. Not only must the device help him stay centered, it must also give him the ability to run freely, using his full range of motion. Marc and his team are working very hard to provide QL+ and Larry with a safe, quality product that will meet his needs.

"QL+ representatives have been incredibly helpful and supportive of our project, giving us suggestions and feedback on what both QL+ and the Challenger want from our design," he said. "Working on this Challenge is benefitting me more than I expected. The University of Dayton's demanding requirements and QL+'s valuable knowledge and experience make this project feel like a professional mission rather than another school project."

Working with QL+ is personal to Marc. "I feel very fortunate to be working on a project that will have a direct impact on the life of a disabled veteran," he states. "I have a cousin in the Marines who was in a helicopter crash during an operation in which he lost most of his left arm and suffered severe burns to seventy-five percent of his body. I am honored to work on a project that will directly benefit another of our nation's veterans." 

After graduation in May, Marc plans to take a year off to volunteer through a program sponsored by his high school. He will also be applying to graduate schools so that he can pursue a master's degree in biomedical engineering, specializing in prosthetics. "I am thankful for my opportunity to work with QL+ and their Challenger, and I am excited to finish up the project and see how it performs."

We are very grateful to have Marc in our program. His passion for our mission is evident-he puts his heart into the work.