Challenge:  Surf Transfer
Challenger:  Rosemary Salak, Army Veteran, and above-the-knee amputee
University Partner:  Colorado School of Mines
Student Team:  Antonio Belmonte,  Brittany Hesson,  Morgan Marmarelli,
and, Zack Reinecke.
Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Greg Kremer,  Dr. Timothy Cyders, and Cody Pettit
QL+ Program Manager:  Amber Humphrey

Project Summary:

The goal is to make an assistive device for an above-the-knee amputee, so that she can move from the sand to the ocean and then back to the sand as independently as possible.

Our Challenger, Rosemary loves visiting the beach with her friends but is tired of damaging her prosthetic.  A typical beach day for her begins by taking all of her personal items out of her car, finding a place on the beach to settle down for the day, she then removes her prosthetic and runs into the problem of how she will get to the water.  She solely relies on help from her friends in order to maneuver the beach day; she has even tried to use a lawn chair as a crutch! 
Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 1.43.33 PM.png 1.82 MB

We were able to complete a few different experiments in order to analyze and gain information.  First, we tried different shapes and sized to represent the foot.  With that being said, we built a wooden crutch, more like a peg leg, to test the foot that we chose and to put ourselves in Rosemary’s shoe.  With this idea, we kept the ball rolling and decided to design an aluminum platform for an actual crutch.  We made different types of “holders” for Rosemary’s residual limb and sent the experiment to her.  Unfortunately, it was not what we expected, but we did receive a great amount of information from this test.  With these results, it became clear that a prosthetic socket needs to be used. 
Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 1.43.50 PM.png 1.5 MB

Working with Kiczek Prosthetics, we were able to create a prototype to send to Rosemary.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 did not allow us to come back to school and we needed to finish the project remotely.  The Kiczek’s were more than happy to work with us through this tough time and deliver a new and improved socket.  Once that was completed, Brittany was able to put together the pieces and mail the leg to Rosemary, where she will attach the base adapter and foot.