Challenge:  Touchscreen for Prosthetics
Challenger:  Dr. Jenson Shirley, Army Veteran
University Partner:  San Diego State University
Student Team:  Harrison Clark, Jacob Hoffer, Brandon Mcgoey, and Steven Schneider
Faculty Advisor:  Scott Shaffar
QL+ Program Manager: Annmarie Orr

Project Summary:

Dr. Jensen Shirley is a disabled U.S. Army veteran, who utilizes body-powered prosthetic devices for daily tasks with terminal metal hooks. As a result, Dr. Shirley struggles to use touchscreen devices, often improvising with a t-shirt to allow for any sort of input recognition. This set up frequently renders touchscreen devices inoperable for Dr. Shirley.
Touchscreen for Prosthetics SDSU.png 73.65 KB

To aid with his interaction with touchscreens, Dr. Shirley requires an attachment or tool compatible with the preferred hooks that will enable him to efficiently interact with all touchscreen devices he encounters. 

This project is made possible through the Quality of Life Plus (QL+) Program. QL+ is a nonprofit organization that focuses on improving the lives of disabled military veterans by challenging engineering students to solve real problems that affect their lives. QL+ has provided monetary sponsorship to the team undertaking this challenge.