Abigail Reuland is a senior mechanical engineering major at Colorado School of Mines. Abigail didn't always know what she wanted to do when she grew up, but she knew that whatever she did, she wanted to have a direct, positive impact on people's lives. She chose to major in mechanical engineering because it is a perfect fit for technically-minded people like her who want to be exposed to multiple industries.

Abigail learned about QL+ at the Mines Senior Design Fair. She states, "As soon as I heard that QL+ was working directly with disabled veterans and that I could be part of a project where our design was given to a client in need, I knew that was what I wanted to do." Abigail listed all of the QL+ Challenges as her top preferences and was happy to become a member of a QL+ Team.

To her, the most difficult part of working on a QL+ Challenge is also what makes it the most rewarding: the uniqueness of every project. "Two years ago, I went to India with a group of engineers to set up an agricultural system for a community in need. While extremely rewarding, I felt that similar systems had been done many times before," she explains "With QL+, every project offers a unique challenge to provide a solution tailored to a specific individual. It's exciting to think that I could make something that could improve someone's life."

She also believes that the most significant reward of working with QL+ is yet to come. Abigail is a member of the QL+ Team making "soft socket shorties." "Soft socket shorties" are a new, lighter-weight and breathable pair of sockets for a double amputee. "We are about a month out from being able to deliver the sockets to him in person, and I can't wait to meet him and see if he loves the sockets. If he does, that will be indescribably rewarding."

QL+ has made a significant impact on Colorado School of Mines. "The large donation QL+ gave to our biomechanics lab was extremely generous," she states, "The new technology that QL+ made possible for Mines will benefit students for years to come, as well as the people they are designing for."

Abigail is grateful for her experience with QL+. "I tell my friends and family that it is an incredible program that works with disabled veterans to find unique solutions to their challenges. My parents are very proud that I am part of this program." After graduation, Abigail will be working for the defense firm, Northrop Grumman in the Professional Development Program. She is excited to learn more and to assist with the security of our country.

We, too, are very proud of Abigail and the rest of her QL+ Team. Her future is very bright!