Brandon Weihl is a senior at Colorado School of Mines. Brandon is majoring in mechanical engineering. He chose this course of study because he wanted to engage in multiple fields of engineering and felt that mechanical engineering was the best path to take for those experiences. Brandon wants the freedom to specialize in an engineering field, later in his career.

Brandon became involved with QL+ in the fall of 2017. He learned about QL+ while he was looking for a Capstone project. When he discovered that QL+ assists wounded Veterans, he signed up.

Brandon and his teammates are working with QL+ Challenger and Air Force Veteran, Velette Britt. Velette is in a wheelchair, as a result of a mountain biking accident. Velette's Challenge for the team is to design and develop a device to help her traverse curbs safely, confidently, and independently. To him, the most difficult part of this Challenge is making attachments that are universal, so that they will fit multiple models of wheelchairs.

"I really enjoy this project because it is giving me real-world experience. My work will have an actual impact on people's lives," he explains. Brandon recommends QL+ to upcoming seniors. He states, "If anyone is looking for a rewarding Capstone project, working with QL+ will definitely provide one."

Thank you, Brandon for your hard work. We are looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labor and, we are sure Velette is as well!