Nathan Schollaertn is in his fifth year at Ohio University, graduating in May 2020.  He is majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.  Nathan and his teammates are working on the Wheelchair Transfer Challenge.  Our Challenger, Jeff Dolezal, Air Force Veteran.  Jeff is in a wheelchair and asked QL+ to create a device to make it easier for him to transfer from his wheelchair to his bed, van, chair, etc.

Why did you choose your major?  I chose my major because math and science were always my strong suit in prior years leading up to college.  When I was younger, I enjoyed helping my grandfather fix things when they needed to be fixed.  He had the nickname of “Fix it Papa” and my family would always tell me how I loved helping him out with all the projects he would take on.

Describe your experience working with QL+:   My experience working with QL+ has been amazing. It has provided me with such great experience of what it will be like in industry, working with a project partner and a customer.  The biggest challenge so far has been being able to meet in-person with the customer.  With the prototyping phase of the project, its been hard to get feedback that isn’t just from pictures sent to the customer.  It’s been rewarding to see/hear the excitement from the customer about the device that will be delivered to them at the end of this project.

It’s been great working with our challenger, he’s been very responsive and enthusiastic about the project. I have learned through this project that communication and professionalism are key skills in the engineering industry. Also, teamwork is another important thing I have learned in this experience.
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What would you say to other students about QL+?  If you can work with Quality of Life+, do it. QL+ is an organization with a driving purpose that is incredible.  The organization has helped many Challengers benefit their daily lifestyle along with providing experience to students like myself.

What are your plans after graduation?  My plans after graduation are to either get a full-time job as a mechanical designer or as a controls engineer in Cleveland, Ohio. My second option would be to search for those same jobs but in Columbus, Ohio.

What has been the proudest moment of your college career?  The proudest moment of my college career is creating my own mechanical engineer club at Ohio University designing and creating work out prosthetics for amputees, which is why I wanted to partner with QL+. Another proud moment of my life was being the president of the Water Ski Club at OU.

What three words best describe you?  Leader, Passionate and Creative
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