Harry Koos is a 4th year at California Polytechnic State University, SLO.  He is graduating in June 2020.   Harry is an Industrial Engineering Major (like Jon Monett!).  He is the President of the QL+ Student Association at Cal Poly, one of the school's most active clubs.

Why did you choose your major?   I switched from biomedical engineering to industrial engineering because I felt I’d excel more at managing biomedical design projects and organizations than designing the actual devices.
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Why did you join the QL+ Student Chapter?  I joined QL+ at Cal Poly in my first quarter because I wanted to gain hands-on experience and help improve the lives of our community members. I ran for president because I am passionate about our mission and wanted to expand upon it.

As President of the student association, I did not work on any projects directly but I had a small role in all of our projects, which I find equally rewarding.  During my second year, I was a team lead for the Trike for Sam Formal Design Project where my team aimed to engineer an adaptive tricycle for a boy with cerebral palsy.

Describe your experience working with QL+ so far.   Being a part of QL+ has changed my life in many ways.  I have learned so many skills beyond engineering, including how to better communicate and solve problems with others.  The biggest challenge as president of the student association has been learning how to best communicate with my officers and make sure everything gets done while delegating tasks fairly.  The most rewarding aspect has certainly been the connections I have made with fellow officers, members, challengers, Cal Poly faculty, and the QL+ National Program representatives.
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What was it like working with your Challengers?  As president, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to meet all of the Challengers that our student association has worked with over the past two years.  There are few experiences like sitting down with a Challenger and listening to them talk about the difficulties they face in life.  Seeing them get excited about the ways we can help them is always truly awesome.  I have learned that sometimes those who have had the most taken away from them can still be the most positive and grateful people.

What would you say to other students about your QL+ Student Chapter?  I would tell other students that the Cal Poly QL+ Student Association is an organization full of great opportunities for personal growth and community service. Regardless of your major, skill-level, or future interests, the problem-solving skills we learn are universally applicable. We also have a community of some of the most altruistic, intelligent, and fun people I have ever met.
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What are your plans after graduation?  This fall (2020) I will be beginning a Master’s program at Stanford University in Management Science & Engineering with a concentration in Health Systems Modeling. I hope to use my career to improve the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare in the U.S.

What has been the proudest moment of your college career?  Watching our teams present at our end-of-year banquet last year was a really proud moment for me. I think my proudest moment will be when we officially hand off the student association to the next class of student leaders, and I can sit back and reflect on everything we accomplished.

 What three words best describe you?  Three words that describe me are committed, organized, and compassionate.