Tyler Takabery is from Encinitas, California.  He is a 4th-year student at California Polytechnic State University studying Biomedical Engineering.  Tyler chose this major because he wanted the opportunity to use the skills he learns in the classroom to help people.  Tyler joined the Cal Poly QL+ Student Association for the same reason he decided to study biomedical engineering-he saw it as a chance to affect people's lives positively. 

Tyler is the Team Lead for the Skateboarding Arm for Davis project.  For this project, Tyler and his teammates are helping Davis, young skateboarder from San Diego, California.  This young man was involved in a tragic accident that left him without his right arm, above the elbow.  As a life-long skateboarder, he's traveled locally and abroad to different skate-boarding venues.  He is unable to perform many of the tricks he was able to do before the accident.  To help improve his quality of life, the team is developing an upper arm prosthesis for him to catch himself when he falls while skating.  The team's design for the prosthetic includes a piston-based cylinder to absorb force, a bowl-shaped "hand" to accommodate various falls, and a bending elbow to transfer energy.

"The biggest reward for me is that I have the chance to change someone's life," he explains.  "Davis is a friend of mine from home, so it makes me feel even better that not only do I get to change his life with his new prosthetic, but also it affects everyone in our community."  Tyler is also the Media Manager for QL+ SA at Cal Poly.  In this role, he has the opportunity to show everyone in the university and around the community, all of the fantastic things that the Cal Poly QL+ Student Association does.

"After graduation, I am looking to go into the prosthetics field or any other field that will allow me to put a smile on someone's face."  Thank you, Tyler for participating in the Cal Poly QL+ Student Association! 

The Cal Poly QL+ Student Association is a multidisciplinary student association whose mission is to improve the quality of life of community members through innovation.