Team Members:  Zac Davis, Noah Shaefer, Makenzie Timmerman, Lincoln Wassink, and, Chase Zivcsak

Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Tom Huston

QL+ Program Manager:  Amber Humphrey

QL+ engineering students from the University of Cincinnati were asked to design and build a Scooter Rack Lift Device.  
Our QL+ Challenger is Army Veteran, Mike Donnelly.  Mike served in Vietnam and was exposed to Agent Orange.  This exposure caused him numerous health problems, including legal blindness and mobility issues.  To help Mike get around, he was given a mobility scooter and a scooter rack that attaches to his vehicle.  However, the scooter rack was far too heavy for Mike or his wife to put on/take off the vehicle, and it couldn’t be left attached as it would prevent the vehicle from fitting in the garage.  A solution was needed to allow Mike to move his scooter rack to and from his vehicle.

The goal of the project was to build a winch-powered lift that would enable Mike to pick up the scooter rack, wheel it over to his vehicle, and attach it to the hitch, as well as remove the rack when he arrived home.  After meeting with Mike to discuss the needs of the lift and to see the scooter rack they needed to move, the team began brainstorming, drafting rough ideas for the lift, and then created a 3D CAD model.  They then created a wooden prototype which they took to Mike to ensure the size of the lift was to his liking.  Once this was completed, they purchased all needed commercial parts and materials for manufacturing and began machining parts at UC’s Victory Parkway Campus. Additionally, two companies (R.A Jones and Ransohoff) contributed parts and labor to assist in making the lift.  After the lift was complete, they tested the lift to make sure it could move the rack without any issue, then delivered the lift to Mike.

Mike was able to successfully use the lift to move the lift and attach it to his vehicle.  He had no issue moving the lift with the rack seated on it and was able to crank the winch to raise the rack.  Both Mike and his wife were pleased with the functionality and appearance of the lift.  Because of the device, Mike will now be able to use the scooter rack and take his scooter out in public with him, significantly increasing his mobility.

We are very grateful for the support from R.A. Jones and Ransohoff!