Team Members:  Ben Sinkhorn and Haley Dickerson

Mentors:  Ray Frank, Lou Frank, and Jessica Hemmer 

Faculty Advisor:  Chris Hoeting

QL+ Program Manager:  Amber Humphrey

Above-the-knee amputees have difficulty wearing long pants/skirts because the material from their clothing often gets caught in their prosthetic knees. Currently, there are pants on the market with special liners sewn in them, but this would require the amputee to purchase many pairs of these adaptive pants. There is a need for a transferable device that can be worn by the amputee to protect all pants (and long skirts). QL+ students at Xavier University were tasked with the challenge of creating a transferable device that will not only protect the amputee’s clothing but will also be comfortable, durable, and easy to use.

The team's device covers part of the prosthetic while still allowing it to move freely and without the risk of adding extra heat to the microprocessor.  Designed to be used instead of the manufacturer's cover, the team's device goes over the prosthetic knee and is covered in the back by a light, tautly pulled piece of fabric connected to the device by tabs. This ensures that the pants/long skirt fabric gets caught by the device and bounces back instead of getting caught in the prosthetic.

Due to the durability and breathability of the spandex/polyester blend the team chose, the Challenger does not need to worry about wear and tear.  

The team is very grateful for the guidance from Dan Baute, a physical therapist from the Cincinnati VA and Zac Nelson, an Industrial Designer.

They are also grateful for a Xavier Student Veteran who is an amputee.  He allowed the team to use his spare prosthetic leg for several months so that they can design the device to fit this leg.  He also gave them valuable feedback and information.