Meet Our Challengers

Larry Gunter, Air Force Veteran, QL+ Challenger

About Larry Gunter

Larry Gunter is an Air Force Veteran and QL+ Challenger. In the Air Force, he worked as an Air Force Crew Chief on a C-130 Aircraft. Larry was diagnosed with Retina Pigmentosa, a genetic disease that causes the degeneration of the retina that ultimately causes blindness. With this diagnosis, Larry lost his independence and career at the same time.

Adjusting to his new normal was difficult. Instead of giving up, Larry used his blindness to challenge himself to try new things. He runs, cycles, swims, and rows. He also competes in Triathlons. Larry lives by these words of wisdom: have the desire to set a goal, the determination to pursue the goal, and the dedication to achieve the goal.

Larry and QL+ engineering students from Cal Poly and the University of Dayton are collaborating on a device that will allow him to run on a treadmill independently and safely. This device must not impede his full range of motion. Currently, Larry must hold onto a treadmill while running. This is uncomfortable for him and diminishes his enjoyment of the sport. Larry hopes this device will encourage other blind people to be more physically active.