Meet Our Challengers

Tammy Landeen, Army Veteran, QL+ Challenger

About Tammy Landeen

Tammy Landeen, Army Veteran and QL+ Challenger, served in the United States Army from 1996-2005 as a Tactical Power Generation Specialist. In 2002, Tammy was injured while on Active Duty, and after her service ended, she suffered a traumatic spinal cord injury while horseback riding. As a result of this accident, Tammy is in a wheelchair.

Tammy remembers that the most significant hurdle she faced was herself. She shut down and didn’t want to associate with anyone but her immediate family. Tammy struggled with day-to-day activities like dressing herself or maneuvering independently. A lot of determination and grit helped her overcome these obstacles. She gardens, cycles, sails, and enjoys snowmobiling.

Tammy is collaborating with QL+ Engineering students at Virginia Tech to create a Wheelchair Tire Change Device. Tammy is an avid outdoors person living in Maine. She often tracks dirt, gravel, and snow into her house. She needs assistance to change or clean the tires on her wheelchair before she goes inside. She asked the students at Virginia Tech to develop a custom device that will allow her tires independently.