Celebrate your life and the lives of others

Leave A Legacy

Leave A Legacy

Are you an active duty member or veteran of the armed forces, first responder, law enforcement or from the quiet elements of our government? Maybe you are a family member, caregiver, friend, or perhaps a grateful citizen appreciative of those who served our country. You may be someone who appreciates or has benefited directly from a hands-on engineering education focused on solving real-world problems.

Whatever your path, we invite you to celebrate your life, and the lives of others, by making QL+ part of your legacy. Remembering QL+ in your will is a gift that lasts beyond your lifetime honoring not only generation’s past and present but also provides for our young engineers and service members to come.

Your gift will ensure the continued productivity, expansion and success of our current QL+ Dedicated Laboratories while helping us open and support new facilities at universities across the country.

Your gift paves the way for QL+ to engage even more Challengers, helping them adapt, succeed and thrive through the use of innovative assistive technology.

For more information on planning your legacy click here or contact our Director of Finance and Administration, Catherine Harkins at, or call 703.281.2194.