Our Partnership With Cal Poly


About Cal Poly

California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) is a nationally ranked public university that prides itself on the individual success of its students. It is consistently recognized as one of the nation’s best values for graduate’s return on investment. Cal Poly is driven by its core philosophy of “Learn by Doing”— a powerful combination of academic expertise and hands-on experience. Most classes are taught by professors in small classrooms, and most students are challenged to put what they learn into practice in a real-world setting. The birthplace of the Quality of Life Plus Program in 2009, the QL+ Partnership with Cal Poly has never been stronger. Working in the first and largest dedicated QL+ Laboratory in the USA, Cal Poly students consistently deliver amazing innovations for our Challengers year after year. Cal Poly is the perfect intersection of talent, drive, enthusiasm, creativity, accountability and social responsibility. Cal Poly students, faculty and staff remain steadfast in their commitment to delivering innovative assistive solutions for the most deserving among us.