Our Partnership With University of Colorado, Boulder


About University of Colorado, Boulder

QL+ Program Manager: Court Allen, USAF (ret)

QL+ Mentors: N/A

Faculty Advisors: Shirley Chessman, Adjunct Professor, ME Lab Engineer at the Idea Forge and Tim Studebaker, Mechanical Engineer, Senior Design Project Director

QL+ Projects:

Wheelchair Carryon Luggage Transport: Veterans who use wheelchairs are challenged when transporting and maneuvering airline carry-on luggage and bags to and around an airport and airplane. This project will develop an improved method to portage airline carry-on luggage while independently using a wheelchair. A working prototype delivered for use must safely allow a wheelchair user to operate the wheelchair while transporting a carry-on bag. It must ease access and transition between terminal gate and airplane seating, be lightweight, easy to use and to transport while not in use and meet all airline requirements and restrictions. The CU senior design team will work with QL+ Challenger and Army Veteran, Tyler Wilson, and other wheelchair travelers to understand their challenges and how they can provide an improvement to their quality of life in the airport and travel environments.

Floating Dock Portable Disabled Swimmer Lift: The Travis Mills Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization located in central Maine that hosts wounded veterans and their families. The Travis Mills Foundation has requested the student engineers to develop a portable lift to get swimmers with various physical challenges out of the water and onto a floating dock. It is very difficult to get disabled swimmers out of the water and onto a floating dock. A lift system is needed for use on a 600 sq. ft floating dock with no electrical power. A working prototype must safely lift physically disabled swimmers from a lake onto a floating dock, it must not rely on electricity, and, it must be stable and durable without drilling attachment holes.

About University of Colorado - Boulder:

The goal at CU Boulder is to directly affect Colorado communities through collaborative research, innovation and entrepreneurship. The faculty, staff, and students work with the broader community to establish unique connections that have lasting outcomes—both across Colorado and around the world. Hands-on learning, advanced research, and an entrepreneurial spirit are defining the next generation of engineers at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU). Students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering learn from a vibrant faculty conducting diverse research in consumer products, robotics, thermodynamics, energy, and the environment. They’re home to 1,200 students in undergraduate, graduate, and PhD programs.

CU Boulder offers world-class facilities and a partnership spirit with business and industry. It was ranked the #18th most entrepreneurial university in the nation by Forbes Magazine (2015). CU Boulder also has strong connections to multiple national laboratories located in Boulder, providing real-world research opportunities for students.