Our Partnership With George Mason University


About George Mason University

QL+ Program Manager: Edith Campbell

QL+ Project: Backpack Chair V2

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Nathan Kathir

A former Navy Aviation Machinist and former Army Combat Engineer with a deteriorating, degenerative disease (Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type IID) has difficulty walking. He prefers not to use his wheelchair and would like a bar stool height chair that would fit into a backpack so he can stop and rest when he needs to.

QL+ Project: Wheelchair Stroller Combo

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Eric Knudsen

An Army Veteran lost his leg in Iraq in 2004 when a rocket-propelled grenade hit their Bradley (fighting vehicle). He recently had osseointegration surgery for his above the knee amputation and uses a wheelchair while it heals, and on occasion as needed. He also has a beautiful baby girl that he likes to take with him everywhere. He would like to have a baby stroller that attaches to his wheelchair, allows him to propel his wheelchair independently, and can be used as a stroller when he wants to walk.

QL+ Project: Uphill Assist While Carrying Large Objects

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Gallo

Our Challenger is an Army Veteran who lost her right leg below the knee after several months of attempted limb salvage following a car accident. She currently uses a manual wheelchair and has difficulty going uphill when carrying large items on her lap, such as grocery bags. Items get in her way on her lap, because she has to lean forward to get the angle that she needs in order to go uphill. The goal of this Challenge is to create a device that helps her carry large objects while she is using her wheelchair.

About George Mason University:

George Mason University is a public, comprehensive, research university established by the Commonwealth of Virginia in the National Capital Region, we are an innovative and inclusive academic community committed to creating a more just, free, and prosperous world. The Mason idea – Our core institutional characteristics

  • Innovative = We question current thinking and try new ideas. We honor time-tested academic principles while striving to create new forms of education that serve our students better and new paths of research that can uncover solutions to the world’s greatest challenges.

  • Diverse = We bring together a multitude of people and ideas in everything that we do. Our culture of inclusion, our multidisciplinary approach, and our global perspective, make us more effective educators and scholars.

  • Entrepreneurial = We put ideas into action. We educate students to create as well as carry out jobs; become agents of positive change; and add value through government or business, for profit or nonprofit organizations, academia or the arts. We pursue discoveries that can make a difference in the world. We help our community thrive socially, economically and culturally.

  • Accessible = We are an open and welcoming community. We partner with public and private organizations in our region and around the world. We proactively engage with our community. We define our success by how many talented students with potential we serve, not how many we leave out.