Our Partnership With GWU



QL+ Program Manager: Barb Springer, PT, PhD

QL+ Project: Unstable Chair Biofeedback

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amir Aslani

Engineers and therapists at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center are asking for the development of hardware/software interface(s) to support real-time, game-based feedback during sitting tasks on an unstable (wobble) chair. They would also like an easy way to automatically calibrate and adjust the settings for the device. This will help many patients in their recovery during rehabilitation to improve their trunk postural control for a variety of medical condition.

QL+ Project: Adaptive Sports Dynamic Walker

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Steven Shooter

An Occupational Therapy Assistant in charge of adaptive sports at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center requested a device that allows shadowboxing participants and other adaptive sports participants to move around safely while providing secure support if they lose balance. This device will be used by patients with a variety of balance and/or strength issues.

QL+ Project: Portable Van Lift for Wheelchair Users

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Steven Shooter and Dr. Nathan Choe (Hyung Sok)

The USA Para Bobsled Skeleton Development Committee requested a portable transfer lift that can lift wheelchair users from his/her chair up to the seats in a rental van. The unit needs to be portable enough to fit in the back of the van so it’s available at the para bobsled track. The athletes get in and out of the vans numerous times in one day and it is very tiring for the participants to do this without assistance.

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