Our Partnership With Norwich University



QL+ Program Manager: Barb Springer, PT, PhD

QL+ Project: Adapted Creeper

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Danner Friend

A 10-year Army Veteran was paralyzed in a horseback riding accident in 2005. She is a very handy person who loves to work on projects in and outside her home, to include gardening, carpentry, working on cars, etc. She currently “hangs” over her wheelchair to do any work close to the ground, which can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain or injuries. Her other option is to transfer from the wheelchair to the ground, but then she is stationary and has to drag her body across the ground, which has caused skin breakdown, splinters, etc. She requests a functionally adapted creeper to safely work at ground level on various projects inside and outside her home.

QL+ Project: Handcycle Rooftop Lift

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Danner Friend

An Army Veteran was injured in 2003 by a rocket-propelled grenade. He suffered multiple infections and endured 24 surgeries. In 2015, he had a right leg above the knee amputation to lessen infection and improve function. He then had osseointegration surgery in 2019. He loves to handcycle and travel/camp in his Sprinter Van. He has a bike rack on the back for mountain bikes, but he needs to put his handcycle elsewhere. There is no room inside the van b/c it is set up with a bed, etc. He is requesting a handcycle lift for the top of his van.

QL+ Project: Oxygen Tank Transfer System

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Prairie

A Marine Veteran (and now an Air Force servicemember) and his wife have 2 children diagnosed with an unknown type of Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease (chILD) that does not have a cure or FDA approved drugs or treatments. They have been on oxygen since 18 and 12 months old, respectively. The parents are looking for a creative adaptive technological solution to carry or transport their children’s oxygen tanks so the children can move around freely without being followed and confined to 50 feet or attached to an adult who is their constant shadow. Ideally, they would need a device that is sturdy but lightweight, able to navigate curbs and other obstacles, can accommodate and secure two tanks, and has a long battery life with rechargeable batteries.

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