Our Partnership With Norwich University



QL+ Program Manager: Barb Springer

Faculty Advisors:

Dr. Danner Friend
David Crawford, School of Engineering

QL+ Project:

Adapted Creeper for Paraplegic: QL+ engineering students at Norwich University’s David Crawford School of Engineering are tasked with designing and building a device to assist an Army Veteran who was paralyzed in a horseback riding accident in 2005. She uses a manual wheelchair for mobility and enjoys gardening, carpentry, automotive repair, and working on home-improvement projects. She has to “hang” over her wheelchair to do any work close to the ground which causes back, neck, and shoulder pain. Her other option is to transfer out of her wheelchair to the ground, but then she is stationary and has to drag her body across the ground to move. This causes skin breakdown, splinters, and she can get wet and muddy. The challenge for the students is to design and build a functional adapted creeper so the veteran can safely work at ground level on various projects inside and outside her home.

About the Norwich University:

Norwich University is a diversified academic institution that educates traditional-age students and adults in a Corps of Cadets and as civilians. Norwich offers a broad selection of traditional and distance-learning programs culminating in Baccalaureate and Graduate Degrees. Norwich

University was founded in 1819 by Captain Alden Partridge of the U.S. Army and is the oldest private military college in the United States of America. Norwich is one of our nation's six senior military colleges and the birthplace of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC).