Our Partnership With Rowan University


About Rowan University

QL+ Program Manager: Barb Springer, PT, PhD

QL+ Project: One-Arm Kayak Paddle


Faculty Advisors: Dr. Erik Brewer and Melanie Amadoro

An Army Veteran sustained a brachial plexus injury to his left arm that resulted in a paralyzed arm. He likes to kayak with one paddle, but he is so strong with his right arm that he usually breaks the adapted paddles he uses. He always carries a regular paddle with him in case that happens. He would like a sturdy 1-handed paddle that does not put too much torque on his wrist.

QL+ Project: Socket Air Pump

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Mohammad H. Abedin-Nasab, Dr. Erik Brewer, and Melanie Amadoro

An Army veteran, who lost his leg below the knee in Afghanistan, would like a socket air pump system that improves socket fit by accounting for the volume changes he experiences throughout the day.

About Rowan University:

Since its founding in 1923, Rowan University has evolved from a teacher preparation college to a bustling regional university that's ranked among the best public universities in the North by U.S. News and World Report. Today, Rowan's more than 18,000 students choose from more than 74 bachelor's and 51 master's degree programs, four doctoral programs and two professional programs. The university is one of just 56 institutions in the country with accredited programs in business, education, engineering and medicine.

Rowan University will become a new model for higher education by being inclusiveagile, and responsive, offering diverse scholarly and creative educational experiences, pathways, environments, and services to meet the needs of all students; maintaining agility by strategically delivering organizational capacity across the institution; and responding to emerging demands and opportunities regionally and nationally.