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QL+ Program Manager: Annemarie Orr, OTD, OTR/L

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Scott Shaffar, Senior Design, Mechanical Engineering

Col. Art Yeager, Staff Officer, Behavioral Health Svc - OTSG

QL+ Projects:

Military Grade Wrist Splint: The Challenge is to design and fabricate a military grade radial nerve palsy splint that will be used for an active-duty service member in the Special Operations Command. The splints currently available and used by service members have limitations for returning to active duty due to their poor durability, susceptibility to various environmental factors, lack of strength, inability to maintain high performance/function, and a low profile aesthetic.

Bicycle Handles for Prosthetics: Our Challenger is an Army Veteran who was medically retired. Due to explosion, he lost both arms below the elbow. He would like to learn to ride two-wheeled bicycles again to enhance his physical fitness. Creating handlebars that adapt to his physical limitations will improve his quality of his life. The Challenge is to design and build handlebars or an attachment to the handlebars for an upright bicycle for an individual with bilateral upper extremity amputations.

Protective Cap for Upper Extremity/Osseointegration: Our Challenger is a combat-wounded Marine with triple amputations recently underwent osseointegration (OI) surgery for both legs above the knee and his arm above the elbow (transhumeral). He is an athlete and wants to participate in many sports and high-level activities but needs protection. OI is the formation of a direct interface between an implant and bone. Our Challenger needs a transhumeral OI device to protect the bone during activities of daily living and so that he can participate in various sports and leisure activities.

Touchscreen for Prosthetics: Our Challenger is an Army Veteran who lost both arms below his elbows. He wears bilateral, body-powered prosthetic devices with “H” strap harness and a pair of steel hooks. His Challenge to QL+ is to find a mechanical solution that could magnetically or physically attach to his hooks to allow him to access touch screen devices to communicate.

Pill Dispenser: There are a variety of pill organizers and dispensers available on the market that provide visual and/or auditory reminders for users to take their medication. However, filling them with a combination of medications for morning, noon, and night times is often done by a caregiver. This is challenging even for able-bodied people because it requires a lot time and fine motor skills to sort the pills. The Challenge is to design and create a device that will allow a caregiver to easily fill and sort medications for up to seven days. The device must hold up to 10 pills per day, for up to 10 iterations a day.

One-Handed Pill Bottle Opener: The Challenge is to design and build a one-handed device that will open and close pill bottles. The device must have a stable base to will prevent slippage and spilling pills. If the device is affixed to a countertop, device installation and removal must be achieved without fingers pinching. It must weigh less than three pounds and must fit into a suitcase. The device must also accommodate a range of pill bottle sizes.

About San Diego State University:

The mission of San Diego State University is to provide research-oriented, high-quality education for undergraduate and graduate students and to contribute to the solution of problems through excellence and distinction in teaching, research, and service. The university strives to impart an appreciation and broad understanding of the human experience throughout the world and the ages. This education extends to diverse cultural legacies and accomplishments in many areas, such as the arts and technology; the advancement of human thought including philosophy and science; the development of economic, political, and social institutions; and the physical and biological evolution of humans and their environment. San Diego State University pursues its mission through its many diverse departments and interdisciplinary programs in the creative and performing arts, the humanities, the sciences,and the social and behavioral sciences.