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QL+ Program Manager: Annemarie Orr

QL+ Project: Pill Dispenser (Part 2)

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Shaffar

The senior capstone project Team “Mo Pills? No Problem.” was tasked with designing and fabricating a battery-powered pill dispenser that does not rely on an internet or Bluetooth connection of any sort. This project will be a phase 2 senior design project to continue to improve and refine the project design.

This design is reliable and intuitive, lending itself to users with limited experience with technology, as well as users with upper extremity limitations or fine motor skill impairments that may make sorting pills difficult.

QL+ Project: One-Handed Pill Dispenser

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alexander Lehman

Several veterans take medications in containers that can be difficult to open with one hand due to orthopedic and neuromuscular disorders and injuries such as hand amputation and hemiplegia. Commercially available pill bottle openers require the user to have fine motor skills of both hands. Because of this, there is a need for a pill bottle opener that can be operated by a user with a single hand that lacks strength, dexterity, and fine motor skills.

QL+ Project: WASUP

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Shaffar

The goal of this Challenge is to design and fabricate a new WASUP that will be used by people with disabilities to help them remain active and healthy as well as to help promote inclusion and empowerment. The three (3) WASUPs that are currently being utilized have been around for over 5 years but is somewhat limited due to the design, age, and durability. The goal is to create a new design to alleviate some of the current issues. Ideally, the new WASUP would: be extra buoyant and stable; easy to paddle and maneuver; be made from durable material; and most importantly transportable.

QL+ Project: Motorized Waveski

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Shaffar

The goal of this Challenge is to design and build a motorized wave ski that allows our Challenger, an Army veteran with paraplegia, to independently and easily get through the breakers to the lineup while surfing.

QL+ Project: Waveski Launcher

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Shaffar

The goal of this Challenge is to design and build a waveski launching device that allows an individual with paraplegia to independently enter and get out of the ocean on their wave ski.

QL+ Project: Durable Prosthetic Knee Sleeve

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Shaffar

Our Challenger is an Army veteran who was severely injured by an IED. The Challenge is to design and build a prosthetic sleeve for his knee that is puncture-resistant and flexible. If the sleeve is too stiff, it will inhibit proper flexion/extension of his knee. If the sleeve is too flexible, it will reduce his walking stability.

QL+ Project: Modular Prosthetic Scuba Fin

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Shaffar

The Challenge is to design and build a modular prosthetic scuba fin solution that could potentially serve a wide demographic of leg amputees.

QL+ Project: Hiking Powered Feet

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Shaffar

The Challenge is to design and build a prosthetic foot solution that provides powered assistance to go uphill and downhill. “Powered” is the key phrase because walking in prosthetics requires significantly more energy output than with organic legs. The powered feet must also be efficient.

About San Diego State University:

The mission of San Diego State University is to provide research-oriented, high-quality education for undergraduate and graduate students and to contribute to the solution of problems through excellence and distinction in teaching, research, and service. The university strives to impart an appreciation and broad understanding of the human experience throughout the world and the ages. This education extends to diverse cultural legacies and accomplishments in many areas, such as the arts and technology; the advancement of human thought including philosophy and science; the development of economic, political, and social institutions; and the physical and biological evolution of humans and their environment. San Diego State University pursues its mission through its many diverse departments and interdisciplinary programs in the creative and performing arts, the humanities, the sciences,and the social and behavioral sciences.