Our Partnership With University of Cincinnati


About University of Cincinnati

QL+ Program Manager: Amber Humphrey

QL+ Mentors:
Lou Frank, Senior Projects Engineer, Honeywell/Intelligrated;
Ray Frank, Mechanical Engineer, Alexander & Associates;
Scott Moro, Founder, Adaptive Cycling Foundation

Faculty Advisors:

Tom Huston, PhD
Associate Professor-Educator
Director, Design Clinic

QL+ Projects:

Scooter Lift Challenge: A Vietnam Veteran who suffers from Ischemic Optic Neuropathy and has very limited vision in both eyes, along with some mobility deficits uses a scooter to get around. He has a trailer to transport the scooter. He would like a device that would help him lift and attach the trailer to his vehicle so that he can use his scooter when he leaves the house. He would then use the device again when he got home to remove the trailer from his vehicle so that he can park the vehicle in his garage.

Butt Brake Challenge: An Army veteran, who has limited use of her hands, is passionate about cycling and rides an adapted bike. She would like a safer and more reliable hydraulic disc butt brake. The Butt Brake it attached to her bicycle saddle and would replace the brakes on the handlebar.

About the University of Cincinnati:

The University of Cincinnati serves the people of Ohio, the nation, and the world as a premier, public, urban research university dedicated to undergraduate, graduate, and professional education, experience-based learning, and research.

We are committed to excellence and diversity in our students, faculty, staff, and all of our activities. We provide an inclusive environment where innovation and freedom of intellectual inquiry flourish.

Through scholarship, service, partnerships, and leadership, we create opportunity, develop educated and engaged citizens, enhance the economy and enrich our University, city, state and global community.