Our Partnership With University of Cincinnati


About University of Cincinnati

QL+ Program Manager: Amber Humphrey

QL+ Mentors:
Dr. Victoria Heasley, Resident Physician of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, University of Cincinnati;
Lou Frank, Senior Projects Engineer, Honeywell/Intelligrated;
Ray Frank, Mechanical Engineer;
Terri Ohlinger, Case Manager, Eye Surgery, VHACIN

Faculty Advisor:

Tom Huston, PhD
Associate Professor-Educator
Director, Design Clinic

QL+ Projects:

Drop Ease: Many VA patients that are prescribed eye drops for various medical reasons have had to reorder their eye medication because they used too much medicine each time they squeezed the eye dropper. The patients sometimes squeeze the dropper too hard, wasting much of the medicine. The other issue is that patients are not compliant because they cannot squeeze the dropper at all due to mobility limitations and/or the lack of hand strength. Most of the patients seen by the Eye Surgery Nurses are elderly and/or have comorbidities such as RA and MS. Self-administering eye drops from the standard-sized bottles is impossible for these patients. Additionally, many of these patients live alone and provide self-care. The Challenge is to design and build a device to assist these patients with the administration of eye medication.

Kayak Balance Assist: Team River Runner (TRR), a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, gives active duty service members and veterans an opportunity to find health, healing, and new challenges through whitewater boating and other paddling sports. The benefits of TRR have as much to do with creating a social network and support system as they do with learning water sports skills that provide an exciting adventure lifestyle that suddenly seemed lost due to injury. The program also encourages family members to participate whenever possible. TRR, Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky services some veterans with balance issues and traumatic brain injuries. These conditions can make it difficult for veterans to get in and out of kayaks. The device TRR would like our students to design and build will help those veterans safely get in and out of the kayaks. The device the students design can be left on the shore, but it must be portable so that it can be loaded in and out of vehicles.

Convertible Scooter Cover: Our Challenger is a Vietnam Veteran who suffers from Ischemic Optic Neuropathy and has very limited vision in both eyes and is legally blind. He also suffers from Diabetes and heart issues, all stemming from his exposure to Agent Orange. He has some mobility deficits and uses a cane and a motorized scooter. Because of his sensitivity to the sun, he would like a motorized convertible-type cover for his scooter to keep him out of the sun as much as possible. He would also like to use it in case it rains. He would like to be able to extend the cover and retract it with the push of a button. This device will allow him to use his scooter for various outdoor activities, like taking his grandchildren to the zoo.

About the University of Cincinnati:

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