Our Partnership With University of South Florida



QL+ Program Manager: Barb Springer

Mentor: Gene Borg

Faculty Advisors:

Oscar Rios, Instructor, Mechanical Engineering
Stephen Sundarrao, Associate Director, College of Engineering
Dr. Stephanie Carey, Assistant Research Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Research Coordinator, Center for Assistive, Rehabilitation, & Robotics Technologies (CARRT)

QL+ Project:

Horse Simulator: The QL+ Challenger is a former Special Operations Army Paratrooper. After serving as a police officer for short time post military-retirement, he returned to military service as a contractor and dog handler. After nearly 3 years of contracting while on a foot patrol, our Challenger encountered an IED in Aug 2010, which resulted in the loss of his right arm and leg. He had osseointegration surgery for both his arm and leg and is now very functional. He grew up as a professional horseman and mentioned that the horse show industry is interested in getting more veterans with disabilities involved. He believes that a mechanical platform/device that would simulate mounting and riding a horse would be a great way to help veterans with a variety of disabilities and conditions get comfortable and balanced on a horse.

Handcycle Case: An Army Veteran was paralyzed after an IED blew him off a cliff. While he was recovering at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, he was introduced to handcycling to help him recover from his injuries. He now travels all over the United States competing in races. He will soon be receiving a custom, carbon fiber handcycle from Carbon Bike USA. The Challenge is to design and build a case that he can use to transport his bike while traveling. The case must be durable, easy for our Challenger to use without assistance, and must protect his bike during commercial air travel.

About University of South Florida:

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